"free! body and soul free!"
Girlfriend, honey child, moon child, skin kissed by Gods. Woman, sweet lips, burning soul, light filled eyes. Skin void of light, who cursed you? Placed darkness into your skin and made mad love to your soul. Such beautiful curse. You are a beautiful sight. They name you after Venus. Name you after Orishas. Womb creating kings and queens. Brown skin love. Gather your laughter and spread it around. Sow a seed of joy. Girlfriend, mother, daughter, auntie, sisi-eko, oriaku, honey child, moon child, skin kissed by Gods. Woman, sweet lips, burning soul, light filled eyes. Skin void of light. Curse every soul to hell who ever called you less than gorgeous. Curse any man to hell who ever looked at you and never saw your Queendom.



Ijeoma Umebinyuo.

telling it like it is

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he looked into my eyes & saw

When I tune into your energy, it is so soft – it feels like watching the calm waves of the ocean roll over the sand.  

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"Experimenting with herbs, women learned that those which would kill when administered in large doses had curative powers when administered in smaller amounts.”
roommate & I collected our crystals today & dreamed about growing our own herbs, herbs grown where we live (helps with the pollen in your area when you heal yourself with herbs that have grown there)

It’s important to remember that energy is neutral. It is we who bring meaning to the experiences we’re having. That meaning is shaped by the momentum of our personality and our mind (karma). We live in the world of opposites and this duality makes us forget the one source within.

The pain that’s caused out in the world is designed to get us to re-member what’s within and seek it out so we can re-unite with it (yoga). In that light, it’s not really negative energy or bad, but rather “it’s all good.”

" — http://kundaliniyogabootcamp.com/just-keep-up/
21:08"The goal of life is to make your heartbeat match the beat of the universe to match your nature with Nature." — Joseph Campbell

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05:20""love is not so incomprehensible as you pretend, sweet pea. love is the feeling we have for those we care deeply about and hold in high regard. it can be light as the hug we give a friend or heavy as the sacrifices we make for our children. it can be romantic, platonic, familial, fleeting, everlasting, conditional, unconditional, imbued with sorrow, stoked by sex, sullied by abuse, amplified by kindness, twisted by betrayal, deepened by time, darkened by difficulty, leavened by generosity, nourished by humor and loaded with promises that we may or may not want to keep. the best thing you can possibly do with your life is to tackle the motherfucking shit out of love. and, honey bun, on this front, i think you have some work to do."
- sugar" — staceymoves (via rebeccaketchum)


The term vertigo is from the Latin vertigo, meaning “the action of whirling.” Thus it obviously has relevance to the spinning of Spinsters. According to the Oxford Dictionary of English Etymology the term means “swimming in the head”. This makes the word all the more significant for amphibious Amazons. Merriam-Webster defines vertigo as “a disturbance which is associated with various known diseases or due to unknown causes and in which the external world seems to revolve around the individual or in which the individual seems to revolve in space.” Self-centering Hags revolving in space can recognize our Selves in this definition. Since the term disturbance is derived from the Latin dis plus turbare, meaning “to throw into disorder”, we can find this term appropriate to describe our creative acts, and thus appropriate the term. For Crone-ographic creativity throws the imposed holy higher orders into dis-order. The roots of the term order are from the Latin ordiri, which means “to lay the warp, to begin to weave”. Since the prevailing order is warped, dis-ordered, we unweave it as we begin to weave. Since it is a source of our known dis-ease, we unweave it with increasing ease, uncovering its previously unknown causes.

Vertigo is also defined as “a dizzy confused state of mind: a state in which all things seem to be whirling around: mental bewilderment of confusion.” Creative Crones can expect to be labeled by patriarchs as “dizzy dames”. We are also labeled “confused”. Since confused is from the Latin confundere, meaning “to pour together”, it is a fitting name for Amazonian alchemists who pour strange elements together, melting the base metals compounded by the Mix-Masters, transmuting them into our Original Gold. The bafflers choose to perceive us as “in a state of bewilderment”. The term bewilder, according to the Oxford Dictionary of English Etymology, is “perhaps a back formation from wilderness”, meaning “to lose one’s way”. Spinsters have not lost our way, however. We have chosen to be wilder; we have chosen the wilderness for our works of wild creation.

Wild Crone-centering creation is rigorous play/work, which is utterly Other than the ritualized rigor mortis of gamesmanship exhibited in phallocratic plays and works…

" —

Mary Daly, Gyn/Ecology

(minus the exclusion of brown & black Goddesses, & biological essentialism, this is the book I wish I had written)

there’s a species of solitary mason bees that make pretty little nests for their larvae out of flower petals.